Three Ways To Style a Hoodie: Men’s Edition

Three Ways To Style a Hoodie: Men’s Edition

When looking for an outfit, most of us tend to go to fashion blog pages or Instagram for inspiration. We tend to copy the outfits we see on these pages because we feel that wearing that specific outfit will make us look great. There are so many ways to style an outfit; don’t stick to the everyday style, rather invent your own style because when you feel comfortable in what you wear, you will always feel good. Here are three ways to style a hoodie; men’s edition:

Athletic Leisure with an Urban Hipster Mix

Photo: @jpeg_candice

Shop The Look:

Jacket- Next

Hoodie- Nike

Tracksuit Bottoms- Nike

Socks- Nike

Trainers- Nike

Mr Comfortable, Yet Stylish

Photo: @allendanielphoto

Shop The Look:

Bomber Jacket- Urban Outfitters

Hoodie - Urban Outfitters

Joggers - Urban Outfitters

Socks - Nike

Trainers - Nike

Comfy, but Smart

Photo: @lookastic

Shop The Look:

White Hoodie- Topman

Blazer- Topman

Chinos- Topman

Loafers- Topman