Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Guys! It's finally snowed in England and as a nation we are never ready for the snow. Does this mean we should stay indoors, put the kettle on and cuddle up to a warm cup of hot chocolate and wear the comfiest jumper you can find? Maybe, this does sound ideal but for some a little snow doesn’t stop them from going outside and looking stylish.

Although I like my sweatshirts and coats, I love to layer up with one specific item: jumpers. Here are some jumpers that will inspire you to wrap up this winter and we will show you the different ways to style them up and give everyone you know a run for their money.

The half tuck your jumper into your jeans or leather trousers never fails.

Or just simply throw on your jumper and a pair of jeans and boots and you're good to go.

If you're tired of constantly wearing jeans, you can dare to wear a skirt when it's not too cold.

An oversized jumper is such a classic if your style is all about being big and bold.

A pair of mom or boyfirend jeans can be a whole new look if you're tired of skinny jeans and guess what, the half tuck in still looks fantastic

Finally my personal favourite, a cute simple jumper and a maxi skirt matched with a pair of heels or trainers can give you an edgy and trendy look.

If you've liked the looks shown here, try them out and share your looks on our Instagram @trenditfashionblog because life's too short to be wearing boring clothes.