MINI GUIDE TO: monochrome

MINI GUIDE TO: monochrome

Monochrome fashion is back like it never left but do you know how to make this trend work for you?
With monochrome it's easy to play it safe aka black, grey, and whites. We're all accustomed to these, particularly all black but where is the fun in playing it safe.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to... (drum roll please).......... colour!
Now don't get alarmed, this injection of colour is a good thing, especially as spring is on the way. We're going to give you a few tips on how to navigate this trend. 
This trend is not just about matching colours and looking like a walking crayon (although that could be a look). It's also about playing with shades and tones of the same colour. The pictures above are great examples of that. You can see that the theme is blue (second image) but there are various shades of that blue, the jumper varies from the skirt and boots. You can also see an injection of print to break up the outfit.

Print and texture

Incorporating textures and prints not only break up the colours but makes you look more put together, like you've really thought about your outfit making you look cool and collected. 

Textures add depth and richness and prints or slogans can add an edgy feel to an outfit.


Next up in our mini guide, patterns! Didn't think it was possible did you? Well it is and 'issa look!'

The first image is the perfect example of mixing prints and keeping it monochrome. Style and class with some trend swirled in there.

The second outfit has a beautiful check blazer with various check prints within the blazer. There is a mix and match of not only textures, as mentioned before, but pattern and tones of the same colour. That outfit leads on nicely to the next step in our mini guide which is the power of accessories.


To accessories. Yes it's just the same as throwing on your black baker boy hat or grey beanie,only it's in a different colour that matches or is a deeper shade of green to your cargo pants. (second image for reference)
We're loving the purple tones that marry well with the small boxy bag (first image) and purple tinted sun glasses.
The not so 'mellow yellow' outfit above is from the pre-fall show for Versace this year. It's a great example of how accessories can bring an outfit together.
Accessories are a great way to introduce trends, on small scales to your wardrobe but style them carefully as they can easily make or break any outfit. 

We hope that by this point, you feel comfortable enough to rock the monochrome trend and as always, let us know if you do try any of the tips from this mini guide by sharing your images on instagram and tagging @trenditfashionblog or #trenditfashionblog


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