Looks On The Come Up

Looks On The Come Up

Well done guys, you made it through the never ending month of January and now we are well into Feb. So as we leave the first month behind you just can't help but wonder what else 2018 has got in store for us? For those who managed to complete dry January, you may be planning your next happy hour. Others however just want to know how to start planning their wardrobes as we get deeper into the year.
The Grammys, a place were celebrities dress to impress, has come and gone and if we learned anything from it, it was that 2018 has started very strongly for those who want to express themselves and push the boat out. From the subtle genius of Ben Platt to the outrageously bold look of young Jaden Smith, Some of these looks are hitting the mainstream because this year its all about standing out and letting your true colours show. 
Ben Platt - Grammies 2018

Ben Platt @ The Grammys

Jaden Smith - Grammys 2018

Jaden Smith @ The Grammys

Chequered Trousers

Maybe it's time we all took a rain check (see what I did there?) on buying yet another pair of black jeans and got a little bit exciting with our bottom halves. In come the chequered trousers. These babies are quite versatile and can be used in a range of different looks from both casual streetwear to more cleaner looks. 

Chunky Sneakers

OK I know that some of you reading this will probably be thinking there's no way you can expect us to break the bank for those Balenciaga Triple S or Yeezy wave runner sneakers. But fear not, this trend is here to stay, which means more brands are starting to put their own twist on the look reborn from the early 00's. So get ready for those chunky soles without looking like the you're wearing dad shoes.

New Balance 990 Desert Heat

Adidas Prophere


The art of embroidery has been practised for decades and is one of the oldest forms of design and decoration. Fast forward to 2018 and we are seeing this ancient craft remixed into all kinds stylish garments, from jackets to t-shirt and trousers. Give your wardrobe that extra bit of flare with some of these looks.

Gucci Embroidered Denim Jacket

Gucci Embroidered Jeans

So whether you want to go all out like Jaden or you just want to have some cool pieces in the closet to keep you looking current, these trends are the place to start. You can start shopping these looks at most of the top high street brands including Zara, Topshop River Island.