Black Friday is fast approaching (23rd of November 2018) and is the perfect time to get your winter trend pieces with major discounted prices. 

We've got some tips to help you get the most out of the sales.


This one is more for your peace and sanity than anything. Stores will all be offering amazing discounted clothing, accessories etc and this will attract hundreds of people. 

This means overcrowded shops, long queues for the changing rooms and to pay. An hour shopping trip could easily turn into three.

Not the preferred way to spend a Friday evening, especially if you've just bossed a hard days work.


If you have considered the first tip and still prefer the touch of fabric, the atmosphere and experience of in-store retail there is a tip for you too. 

It will mean a little bit of pre-shopping. 

Some stores are willing to reserve items for 24-48 hours(you'd have to ask a member of staff in store if this service is offered)

Reserving your items a day or two ahead means you avoid long queues by going straight to the tills to collect your trendy buy and you'll be guaranteed your size because you picked it out already. 

Reservation and payment on return. Hoping the store allows for this, you'll be laughing all the way home. Why? because you will have reserved it on regular retail price but come pick up day, the prices should have reduced to match the sales across the store.


Our online shoppers have to do some pre-sale shopping also. 

We find it is best to find all the items you plan to purchase and leave those tabs open on your devices. If you have a device that stays home and a mobile device, we advise getting identical tabs on both, just in case you find yourself out of the house when your favourite jacket goes on sale. It will save the mad scramble if a site crashes because you'll already be where you need to be. 

4~ STORES (UK edit)

Explore lists of stores that are bound to have sales.  Side note:if any of the stores have the items you want then you are winning even more.

Google has made it easy for us to find the stores that plan on taking part in the sales. We just typed in 'retail stores having Black Friday sales' and boom, pages and pages of links. Just to make it a little easier for you, we have linked some of those lists that we think are comprehensive enough to give you a good head start.

A list from the INDEPENDENT 

Here's a list from COSMOPOLITAN



Get subscriptions or accounts for those stores that have the items you have tabbed (number 3). The majority of online retailers give you discounts for joining their mailing lists or making an account. Sometimes even giving you VIP treatment with a 'first look' on Black Friday items. This 'first look' is key, as it gives you a solid head start. It's a win win


Yes, the saying is usually the early bird gets the worm but that is not the goal of this tip, so we switched it up a little.

Our advice is to not leave it till Friday morning or even after work on the Friday evening.
We're not saying stay up all night crouched over your laptop rapidly clicking and buying.No no no. A lot of retailers start their sales early, increasing the discounts throughout the week till Friday. This is known as cyber week. All other sales start at midnight aka becoming the owl.

If you want the best deals coupled with a higher percentage of getting your items in your sizes then a mid evening power nap and a quick click and pay at 12 midnight is recommended. For smaller discounts, shop the day before.

Leave it till Friday night or Saturday then you get bottom prices yes, but you're also less likely to get anything that fits or worse still, you see 'sold out' everywhere. *queue dramatic sound effects*

Those are our 6 tips for the Black Friday sales. We look forward to seeing all your trendy pieces flooding our stories and timeline after Black Friday. 

If you want to share any more tips with the Trendit Fam then feel free to hit us up @TRENDITFASHIONBLOG