17' Winter Warmers

17' Winter Warmers

Now that it's cold in England, it is so important to be winter ready because the temperature goes from 0 to -100 quickly. So in this post we're going to show you some of this seasons stylish outerwear pieces that will keep you warm and looking good.

Oh and sorry ladies, this one is all about the guys (but that's not to say you can't rock these looks too, push the boat out). 

First up is the 'aviator jacket',the ultimate cool guy jacket and most importantly, it keeps the breeze out and keeps you warm because it has leather and wool. 

Here are our top pick aviators:




Next on the list is the down jacket commonly known as the 'puffer' 

Man's not going to be cold in this jacket


Although we already covered the aviator, the 'shearling jacket' still deserves a mention. They are similar and yet so different with distinctive features so as the collar and the leather exterior and often times length. 


We wouldn't be doing you justice if we didn't include the classic piece that is 'the leather jacket'. Taking many various forms, shapes and cuts the leather jacket is one for the win. it is bound to keep you warm and have you looking smooth and put together. 



Are you feeling inspired to upgrade your outerwear yet? How about after we show you arguably,one of this seasons biggest trends. 'The prince of wales check' 

This fabric is everywhere and for good reason. it takes an outfit to another level adding touches of pattern and colours while adding a dash of structure. The outcome, a revamped classic.


and just in case the prince of wales check is not for you, you can check out even more ASOS checks. 

We hope you've clicked on one of those links and bought yourself a new winter warmer. Don't forget to share your purchases with us on our instagram @trenditfashionblog so we can give you a shout out!