10 Biggest Trends For Autumn 2017

10 Biggest Trends For Autumn 2017

So it's getting to that time of the year again, where you're clearing out your wardrobe and preparing to bring in your new autumn finds. Since the weather, this year proved to be not so great (no surprise there) you're amped up to find what trends will be hitting the stores this year since there wasn't much of a summer. Well, we have the low down on all the new trends that will be making an appearance this 2017.   


A Dash of Red

So if you haven't seen or heard, the colour red is making its debut. From celebs such ASAP Rocky to Bella Handid rocking this bold colour it's hard not want to jump on the trend as well. This colour will have you feeling bold and brave, and if you're feeling really extravagant you could even wear the colour top to bottom.


So don't worry if you missed it last year because fur is back but with a twist. This autumn fur will be coming back fluffier and more colourful. Colours such a blue and yellow will just be some of the furry coats you'll be seeing. Get ready to stand out amongst the crowd and make a statement.

Words of Encouragement

Let your clothes do the talking. Throughout this year we've seen these shirts everywhere and I mean everywhere. On celebrities such as Rihanna, on political campaigns for Hillary Clinton and on the runway. These t-shirts do all the talking for you, if you're looking to make a statement then these are the shirts to wear. 

Oversized Sweaters

No matter what, oversized sweaters will always be a key garment in anyone's autumn wardrobe. They can be paired with jeans or if you want to style it up you can pair with a midi skirt and open toe shoes (women) or style it with a leather jacket and Chelsea boots (men).

Thighs the Limit

Get ready to flaunt those legs because thigh high boots are back. These boots can be paired with oversized jumpers, dresses, and jeans.

Leather me up

If you thought leather was just for rock stars and punks then you're wrong. This fall, leather jackets will be a statement piece everyone will be rocking. Make sure you get yours. 

Suit Game Strong

If you haven't got one yet then you need to. Suits have now been modernized and can now be worn with white trainers. It's going to be a really hot trend this Autumn/Winter 2017. 

Check me out

Checks are very versatile and can be paired with pretty much everything. Whether it's a casual fit or a date night fit, checks will have you looking cool and collective.

Waist Belts are back in

Back in the day waist belts used to be a big deal, everybody had them. Now they're back on trend but a lot edgier. These waist belts can make any outfit look fierce and ready to be seen on the cat walk.  

PJ Time

Yes, that's right wearing PJs are not only for sleeping in. This new trend has swept the whole of the fashion industry and has everyone talking. So grab a set of your favourite PJs and get on the move.